Sunday, September 27, 2015

There are two types of reacting

One of the biggest things we learn as we grow up is how to react to situations. What kind of situations you ask ? All KINDS. As we grow or maybe even better as we mature we learn that there are two way to react to things.  React to the issue or react on how to solve the issue. The more mature we become the more BIG PICTURE we see. the more of a TEAM PLAYER we become,The more DIVERSE we become. Basically we grow up. This is the step from high school to college and hopefully sometime between graduating and retirement we learn how to react to find solutions and not react to situations. Well in sports we are faced with "how should I react to this" so much faster and so many more times than if your a broker or lawyer or any other career. Sports challenges us on every front in games at practice and even in our personal times and gives us little or no time to make the right call. A wrong step can cost you leadership, ownership, friendship or trustworthiness. There is adversity all around an athlete at all times and the type of reaction is critical to our standing with that team. It will dictate will you start, back up or be third string . Will I travel with the team or will I ever get a shot. When things look bleakest do you waiver or do you rise above. Do you ask what am I doing wrong or what can I do better ? Do I sit and pout and sulk in your own self pity? These are question I can't answer and questions only your actions,attitude and consistency will answer. There is no yes coach here, there is only leading by example doing by example and showing consistency in all your reactions.

Tonight's Blog came to me from a few emails i received today. Adversity will show is ugly head. How you react to it will show how you or when you matured. Let me list a few thoughts below.

Never react to a bad situation. Always give it some thought and share with a family member mentor or  pastor . Someone away from the issue to begin with.

Always look for a win win. A reaction that benefits all involved.

Last remember GOD never places more on your shoulders than you can bear.

Good night from the recruiting Guru !

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