Saturday, September 26, 2015

Game Day Visits

There are many reasons for game day visits in College sports. Just about all sports use them to get recruits excited about the school and it's program. They also use it to show they are promoting the school to it's boosters and donors. When on a visit there are some thing both parents and student athlete's should know. In today's blog I want to post some of them. They are important and these come right from coaches we meet through out the year. I am also going to post some wake up and smell the coffee statements. Some things that will help open your mind and help your student athlete in the recruiting process. So lets get started on game day invite do's and don't's.

For the student athlete
* When meeting the coaches extend a firm hand shake look the coach right in the eye when talking.
* Know where you are with your grades. Be upfront and don't say things like "i think" or "I am not really sure" Know where your at and where you will end up.
* Same with your SAT or ACT know your score or when you will take the test. If you are aked if your going to retake it always say yes. This is the coaches way of telling you they are looking for a better score.
* The coaches will want to talk to you. This is to see what kind of person you are what you think of TEAM and quiz your football knowledge. (NEVER SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT COACH SCHOOL OR TEAM)
* Never tell them an untrue number. So know your 40 time, what you bench and other testing numbers.
* Be comfortable separate from Mom or Dad show your ready for college.
* Get either the recruiting coach or your position coaches number and communicate with them weekly.
* Last please keep your social media clean not just what you post but what others post on your accounts.
* Have your hudl ready to send via your phone to a coach and make user you post it on a YouTube channel os it can be seen from any phone.

For the parents.

* The school and sports program isn't recruiting you. They don't want to hear how little Johnny or Tammy is the greatest ever. They, the coaches want to hear from them the student athlete so back off and let your student athlete stand on his or her own. Coaches tell us all the time an over active parent can kill a recruiting visit. So parents for you Less is More.
* Parents every student athlete there is a star at his or her school so on these visits you have to understand this. It is a level playing field and parents can become an un-leveler.
*get your student athlete evaluated by an outside person so you aren't taking your student athlete to school that won't offer him or her.

Well these are the thoughts of  The Recruiting Guru !

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