Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This is one of the funniest and at the same time one of the saddest myths in High School/College sports.  No matter the sport if you don't have an offer or haven't committed to a school on that sports national signing day the world ends as we know it. The sky turns black, California starts to slide into the sea, Canada attacks our northern boarders, a 50 wall of water is going to hit the east coast and Florida is over run by exotic snakes people have tossed into the everglades. YES there is no hope. 

To make matters worse company’s like ESPN and Rivals and 247 sports all claim their ranked players are the best in the world and if your student athlete is worth anything they will stand on this national stage with that companies ranking or they will be a no name players that just supporting the big names that paid big money to be ranked.

Then there is the recruiting companies that go into the liven rooms of student athletes and tell parents without them their student athlete will never get a scholarship unless they sign up with that recruiter and spend a sickening  amount of money to them to get offers by national signing day. I forgot to be fair for that poor family or single mother they will offer to bleed you of money slower by offering a down and monthly payment for you to make for years so that salesman that came to your house can keep receiving big money for taking your money. 

Then there is the parent that falls for this and believes the same thing as above and puts pressure on coaches, trainers, recruiters and their own student athlete. Sends his kid to camps at schools they will never get a shot to be offered at and overlooks the camps that might really help. 

To maybe help anyone who reads my blog I would like to help calm some nervous, reduce some pressure and maybe help you save some money. So I am going to take on these four points and very simply set you straight on the facts of recruiting. 

#1 First I can ensure you that the world will not end if you don't have an offer by February 3 2016. National signing day is really the start of national signing period and that runs for many weeks.

#2 let’s face it sports and especially college sports is growing so fast. Media has blown up the event to the point ESPN and Local news and sport shows cover some student athlete's live on national signing day. We will never change this however the stars of tomorrow will be still be signing their letters in the days weeks and months after so called national signing day. 

#3 Recruiting is a dirty business! I know I am in it. As a parent I sat at a table and had NCSA tell me and my wife if I didn't spend over 3000.00 our son would never get and scholarship and even said 90% of their student athlete's get D1 scholarships! Really? That statement with as little as I knew about recruiting at the time sent up the red flag to meKnowing how few D1 scholarships there are knowing how few total scholarships there are across all sports I knew this man was sent to my house by this company to lie to me and soak me for as much money as possible. So my advice to all parent s no matter what the sport is (a) google reviews about the recruiting by company name as well as the person selling it to you. (2) Any company with integrity will give you some time to act. Do not fold to high pressure. (3) Look for all avenues to contact them phone, email, through a website and via social media. (4) Last contact the better business bureau. (5) Get their offers in writing so your expectations match their guarantees.

#4 it is never too late to get scholarship money. It takes an open mind to that not all student athletes will go D1 and open recruiting when it comes to where in the United States. Yes there are more openings early and as the school year winds down to the end they become fewer. We find if parents and student athlete's stay focused there is money to be found.

I believe a recruiter that offers more than a photo profile and has a system you understand and is priced fare is worth having because they know the waters you’re trying to swim in.  Remember a good recruiter does this for a living so they won't be free but it shouldn't keep you from feeding your family either. 

Please feel free to email me at kennethw.grover@outlook.com or comment on this blog. I will answer all questions. 

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