Friday, September 25, 2015

For parents of student athlete's in the class of 2016 looking for scholarships for their kids I have a few things to say. Before you read this understand I am direct and to the point. Like it, don't like it The Underground Recruit has an outstanding track record of placing student athlete's in school. So sit back tight your seat belt put these few things into play.

It is September 25th 2015 and if you don't have a scholarship offer don't panic. All you are doing is upsetting your Son or Daughter. Look at four things.

1) Are they communicating with any coaches over the phone ?

2) Have you had an evaluation of your student athlete's skill level done by an outside person ? (this is someone that doesn't know your kid)

3) Has your student athlete taken the ACT or SAT ?

4) Last do you know how the NCAA or the NAIA views your student athlete's GPA ? (hint most schools and counselors can't answer this question)

There are no other questions to ask ! Without know these answers anything you have done is for not ! Recruiting is all about these four questions. Now there are a lot of other things that are watched and need to be highlighted and work to be done for exposure .

Next if you have a recruiting service that recruits your student athlete by putting up a profile and telling you coaches and schools are looking at your student athlete and they didn't ask any of the questions above you might want to start looking for the answers to the questions put to you.

Last Recruiting is a dirty business. Coaches never tell you the truth . They lead you to believe your student athlete in on their list when the fact is most don't even know who he is. Recruiters will say look at all these schools looking at your profile ! Really, do you think a head coach or even position coaches have the time to sit at a pc and look through all the profiles out there of student athlete's photos to recruit. ?

If you want to know what to do or how to best help your student athlete read my blogs ask questions and it might help guide you the right way. It sure won't hurt !.

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