Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I find myself writing on a totally different topic today than I had planned to cover. Many might think I just pull topics out of the air and post them. Really I spend time researching and interviewing and Fielding questions from college and High school coaches, student or parents of student athletes. I look at everything and see how that topic and recruiting are connected than I put my thought on the topic down and post for all you to read. However today a topic did fall into my lap from nowhere. After a news report on the college bowl game season aired today it started a chain of unexplained coincidences that kept today's topic in front of me. Yesterday and exactly one week earlier I had two parents of student athlete's call me and say my son was invited to play in a High School All American Bowl Game and are they really worth playing in? I will get back to you on that answer. I glanced over at my writers pad to make a note and on the back of the pad was the 2015/2016 college football bowl season line up. WOW 41 College football Bowl games. We start off with the Arizona Bowl with a TBA date and Kickoff time (this really means we hope to have the money to pull this game off). Than we jump into the AUTONATION CURE BOWL never heard of it! Or how about setting your DVR for the RAYCOM MEDIA CAMELLIA BOWL really! One more the ever popular POPEYE'S BAHAMAS BOWL come on man! Out of the 41 bowls if you look hard you will find the originals like the Alamo, Liberty, Sugar, Orange, Rose, Cotton Peach, Fiesta, Citrus, Holiday, Independence, Sun and Poinsettia Bowls. These 13 bowls and I might have missed a name or two we the staples and back in the 80"s we thought there were too many now 41 bowls. We don't have 82 good D1 programs. There are so many college bowls we now call a winning season six wins so we can put some schools in a bowl. They had to make it marketable so the NCAA attached the words BOWL ELIGIBLE to ad credibility to it. So the question is "are there to many college bowl games" I am going to save my answer for the end of this blog. 

So I have had parents contact me this week and telling me their son has been invited to play in a high school football bowl game. I bet many people don't even know how many there are out there. There are about 26+ state named high school bowl games not to mention the local groups like Rotary Club, Lions Club, VFW, and State of VS? Diamond Bowl, FBU has two or three and there are even more than that out there. Then there are the top four Blue Grey All American, Army All American, Under Armour All American Game and Semper fi Bowl. Now just like college bowl games I believe the original 13 have the most tradition are more marketable most watched and get better teams. In High School I believe the same thing with the top four. The Blue Grey All American Bowl, Army, Under Armour and Semper Fi give you a national platform for recruiting and all the others are more local or grass roots. 

At the end of the day NO I don't believe there are too many college bowl games. Football is becoming more competitive because student athletes see all these schools in the bowl games and it lets them know there can go to other schools and play on a big stage. It helps the schools promote their brand and increase their recruiting reach. I believe as silly as some of these names for the bowl games are its good for college football. 

At the same time NO I don't believe there are too many High School Football Bowl Games. These games give student athlete's a chance to showcase their talents and maybe change their recruiting status or be recognized for a great high school career that could be their last on the field of glory. 
I also believe it strengthens football all the way up thru college football and even up to the professional level. 

Straight from the Recruiting Guru

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