Sunday, December 6, 2015

Would you buy a used car from your RECRUITER ?

This is a question I always ask myself before I vote for someone or sign up for a service! Do I trust this guy, gal or company before I give them my hard earned money? 

We are back to many topics I have blogged on before. Look for warning signs. (1) Did they discredit the service I was already using? (2) Are they offering something different than I am already using? (3) Are they asking all the questions they need to and are they asking me my needs? (4) Are they offering a guarantee and if they don't do what they say they can do is their money back? (5) Do they care about key components of the process like academics and athleticism or are they just pulling on your heart strings?

It all goes back to asking questions looking for them on the net. Active website face book pages and do they have testimonials. If refereed by who a past client someone you know and trust. Last ask for the numbers of past clients and groups that have worked for them. If your putting out your money than you deserve straight to the point answers. 

Follow up on what they say. I am doing this by Thursday than on Friday drop an email. Hey how did that go on Thursday?  Have an agreed upon status either by email or phone call. Question poor results.

Know how they share with you what they are doing. If there are social media and it is only one way FLAG. If you call and call and get no answer FLAG. If you are the only one communicating FLAG

Last do they have a plan and if so what is it and how will it help your student athlete. If their plan didn't cover any of the reasons you selected them for FLAG maybe you should move on and do some more research. 

We understand as parent ourselves how heart breaking the recruiting process can be. So for parents that already have a recruiter I can say this. Many parents have turned to us in times like now. Football is over and nothing is happening. If your recruiter has been up front with you than the recruiting process can go into the late spring even into the first week of June. If he or she hasn't received a D1 offer before national signing day it's OK there are more scholarships left and more recruiting to be done. Also you might just have a student athlete that isn't a D1 athlete. If a recruiter told you he or she was D1 than I would say that should have been your first FLAG. If you let little league, select or grade school coaches fill your head with UT and TCU or Ohio State than you guilty of thinking with you heart and not your head. 

Ask questions like you are spending your life savings on a car you cannot afford to break down and will give you years of problem free service.   

Even if you’re not going to sign up with The Underground Recruit please call us. We will take a quick look and give you our feedback. 

Please visit and learn more about the recruiting process. 

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