Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The Underground Recruit has traveled to and done business in 19 states this year. Well really in just 7 months. We have done football combines, Baseball Showcases, Soccer tournament's, Basketball clinics. We have meet with Coaches across many sports and the student athlete's that play them. At every stop we learn something collect data and ask questions. As the year ends we connect with all the people we do business with and ask questions about how we can get better as a company. We do this so we can grow as a company, deliver a better product for future clients, become a better and stronger partner to those we do business with and last how we can increase our philanthropy to better serve the human race. If we as a company didn't challenge ourselves or more importantly know where to challenge ourselves we would become stagnant and not relevant as a company. For this not to happen you must look at what was done and what was the result you achieved from it. If you continue to do the same you should be able to know the outcome or direction of the outcome with little or no effort.  
So Kenneth what does this have to do with a student athlete and recruiting? Good question and my answer might surprise you. Most people think a student athlete will get better by growing, adding weight coming into their own going to or competing in the same venues they did the year before, but, now they are bigger, stronger and remember things from last year. All this will set them up for whatever they are looking for. It is nature that will step in and guide them to the promise land. Really!

You have to know what areas to get better in and how to get better in them. You need to challenge yourself and you need to know on what. Going to camps, showcases or tournaments is not the same as a position trainer or specialty trainer. Lifting weights in the high school weight room with the math teacher is not the same as lifting weights with a program laid out by a kinesiologist. So if I want to get better I need to know where to go to get better. I should have asked my coach "what do I need to work on" look at your film does it make sense can you see it? ASK questions what is the normal time for your event and what do you want your time to be at? The more information you have the more data you have on your weakness and wants or should be at's will give you the ground work to get better. Some people will comment on how this all cost money. REALLY STOP CRYING go after what you want. Some kid in downtown Chicago is going under the elevated train and with soap he took from his bathroom is lining out a footwork ladder or making circle cones. He or she is jumping benches at the park or doing their forty yard dashed next to a traffic speed indicator. They are lifting heavy blocks of wood or cement and whatever they can use to do their own workout. They will go to the net or watch others and make do with what they have. So if mom and dad can't or won't help you and you really want it you can make it happen. So lack of money is nothing but a cop out. 

It all comes back to the title of the post. Do what you have done get what you have gotten! Getting better getting noticed and being recruited all takes challenging yourself on every metric used in your sport. 

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